Migraweb - Our Contribution to the International Campaign 2021-2024

Monday, November 1, 2021

The aim of this platform, which is currently being reconstructed, is to explain Switzerland and its peculiarities, rules and customs to migrants in simple, understandable language.

Homepage of migraweb.ch

The aim of this platform – currently under reconstruction – is to explain Switzerland… its peculiarities, rules and customs to migrants in simple, understandable language.

As it is primarily the women who make a significant contribution to the integration of their families, they are also a specific focus of the newly founded association. Women raise the children, take care of organisational matters, network socially in the neighbourhood and so on and so forth...

But often, these women possess a low level of education. Opening up educational and training opportunities for them is another focus of Migraweb.

Migraweb already existed once, but fell into disuse for various reasons and was ultimately abandoned. Fortunately several dedicated and web-savvy people took over the idea, took the old website off the net and are now completely rebuilding the website and re-organising Migraweb into an association.

We – Inner Wheel Switzerland-Liechtenstein – have various possibilities to help in a supportive way! With money, with knowledge, with translations...

Be proactive! Support MIGRAWEB, District 199’s social project for 2021-2024!







Photo: Bluehouse Skis, Pixabay

Support Migraweb by...

  • sharing your time, talent and skills: Members who have a good command of a language, as well as German, contact Migraweb and offer to TRANSLATE texts into a migrant language such as Pashtu, Filipino, Kosovar, Brasilian, etc. 
  • TUTORIAL WRITING: Anyone who understands how something works in Switzerland (in politics, education, culture, everyday life, law, finance, ...) writes a "manual" i.e. tips, procedures, reviews, commentaries or 
  • transforms a complicated text into simple language.
  • Financial support: Even if it is "only" a website - the project needs donations... to build the website as well as to rebuild the network.

Contact: e-mail