Casa Maria Thereisa - Our Contribution to the International Campaign 2021-2024

Monday, November 1, 2021

At the Maria Theresia Social Centre in Teresina, northern Brazil, women, children and young people are supported.

The social centre „Casa Maria Theresia“ is located in one of the poorest peripheral areas of the city of Teresina in north-eastern Brazil. It was founded by the Dominican Sisters of Ilanz. Women and children are welcome here.

The situation of women in this marginal zone is difficult: many women have to contribute to the families' livelihood through wage labour, but lack of work and prospects characterise the environment. Especially for young women, prostitution or drug smuggling are temptations or apparent ways out of the vicious circle of poverty.

The „Casa Maria Theresia“ is therefore particularly committed to the education and training of women.

For example, weekly courses are offered with the aim of opening up income opportunities for women. The people in charge of the „Casa Maria Theresia“ work together with recognised local organisations.

To promote a sense of worth and women, the „Casa Maria Theresia“ regularly invites women to a wide variety of community activities:

  • Certain women's days are celebrated such as International Women's Day and Mother's Day.
  • On the general feast days there are moments of spirituality.
  • The women are invited to small lectures e.g. on self-determination, women's rights or the benefits enshrined in law, such as the free ticket for senior citizens.

The donations for the project will be used for further education courses for women.

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